Verdict Generated Art

Bad Blood Blondie

Reveals when the U.S. v. Elizabeth Holmes, et al. verdict drops 🩸

Mint Your Blondie
0.0666ETH β€” Max 5 per transaction

Bad Blood Blondie started a company. 🩸

‍She made the rounds in Palo Alto and asked for lots of money. πŸ’Έ

Her flowing blonde hair, and deep eye stare, were sure to make it so the world was aware. πŸ‘οΈπŸ‘οΈ

Her hypnotizing eyes, were a good disguise, to make us all think it would be a hit. When in reality it was a sign she was probably full of shit. πŸ’©

How does Bad Blood Blondie work?

The jury decides the fate of your art...


Mint your NFT.

Claim your Blondie.


Wait for the jury.

Let 'em deliberate.


The reveal.

See your Blondie!

Which blood type will you get?

Β Β Will you collect your real-life blood type?...

O Positive
A Positive
O Negative
A Negative
B Positive
B Negative
ABΒ Positive
ABΒ Negative
How Does Verdict Change The Art?
If Liz goes to jail, your art looks one way. If she doesn't go to jail it changes up!
The first ever Verdict Generated NFT art collection.
How Many And How Much?
There will be 10,000 Bad Blood Blondies available and priced at 0.0666 ETH.
Rarities Beyond Blood Type
Each verdict generated Bad Blood Blondie has a unique combination of traits.
Rarities will be visible in OpenSea after your Bad Blood Blondie reveals.
🩸 Blood Donors 🩸
The people behind Blondie.